Le 15 octobre, se tiendra au Casino de Paris la première Nuit du Commerce Connecté. Une cérémonie durant laquelle un jury d’experts décernera huit prix devant un parterre de 1 500 professionnels du secteur.


Today, BoF can reveal that the Apple Watch will make its fashion editorial debut on the cover of Vogue China’s November issue, featuring supermodel Liu Wen.


When it comes to the future of computing, there is one major known and a principal unknown.


Prices for Apple’s Watch could take it into the ‘luxury’ category. Could it push wearable technology into fashion’s court?


Super strength. Super hearing. Super artistry. Super expression. The future of wearables is really a quest for human enhancement.


From fibre optic dresses to the hottest watch in the world, tech is finally getting fashionable and luxury brands are at last embracing the possibilities of wearable technology. But will their new special relationship prove to be as smart a move as they think, asks John Arlidge


When Apple revealed its highly anticipated watch, the company veered from its traditional design ethos: Instead of presenting one gleaming industrial design for the masses, it provided dozens...


Sure, the recently unveiled Apple Watch aims to revolutionize your life by performing myriad practical functions for you, but can it read your thoughts, quash your inhibitions and bring out your inner fashionista?


It appears the Fashion world has finally bowed down to society's love for technology by entering the age of the "wearables," where polar opposites technology and fashion meet to bring you closer than ever to your smartphone...


Blurring the lines between fashion and technology, avante-garde architect turned fashion designer Francis Bitonti is embracing the fashion-tech revolution with his new 3D-printed "Molecule" Shoe Collection.


La Fashion Week de Londres se terminant aujourd’hui, quoi de mieux qu’un brin d’humour dans ce monde fait de dictats et de beauté ? C’est certainement ce qu’à voulu faire Acer, en présentant son tout premier sombrero connecté spécial selfie !


Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is rethinking the makeup tutorial. In select stores, the brand has equipped its makeup artists with Google Glass, allowing them to record video as they explains the steps involved in attaining a certain look.