The  smartwatch market may be in a state of flux, but that hasn’t deterred Fossil Group from dipping its toes in the water. The timekeeping giant released dozens of models in 2016 from well-known brands such as Michael Kors, Diesel, Chaps, and Kate Spade, and now Armani Exchange is joining the party.


As of writing, the United States has won 84 medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, almost twice as many as any other country competing this year, and the most gold medals Team USA has ever won at a single Olympic Games. Most of the credit for this incredible record undeniably goes to the athletes. But America also has a technological and design edge when it comes to the Games: Our athletes tend to have the best and most innovative gear first.


Op-Ed | A New Toolkit for Designers

Designers must integrate software, sensors, processors and new synthetic and biological materials into their toolkit, argues Todd Harple.


The landscape of wearable and in-store technology is littered with the bones of failed ventures and bad ideas. The questions facing any would-be wearable company are myriad: Is the product practical? Will the average consumer or retailer purchase purchase it and understand how to use it? Beyond that, can these gadgets actually turn a profit?


3D printing has significant implications for luxury garments, shoes and bags, as well as jewellery, eyewear and watchmaking, argues Pascal Morand.


Le fabricant de microprocesseur a dévoilé le 13 avril 2016, à Paris, une robe dont les papillons connectés virevoltent. Intel démontre les expériences possibles grâce aux technologies qu’elle développe pour l’IoT et souhaite inspirer les créateurs comme le duo de stylistes EzraTuba. 


De ce 9 au 14 février, le portail ShowroomPrivé et son incubateur Look Forward tiennent à la Gaîté Lyrique (Paris IIIe) le Weareable Fashiontech Festival. Un événement consacré à la convergence entre mode et technologie, à travers des expositions, rencontres et démonstrations.


If My UV Skin patch is successful, you'll forget that it's filled with sophisticated technology.


Le site de vente en ligne Showroomprive.com organise la première édition du Weareable Fashion Tech Festival, un événement dédié à la mode de demain.  


Fashion-tech is the kind of word pairing that people love hearing themselves say. It sounds futuristic and cool, a union of two slick worlds that have nothing to do with each other — except for everything (okay, now it's a rom-com, but bear with me). Wearables, including smartwatches and fitness trackers, are the apotheosis of fashion-tech. Fashion accessories with technological superpowers! They're perfect — except they aren't.


Du 9 au 14 février, Look Forward, l’incubateur de Showroomprivé, crée l’événement à la Gaîté Lyrique avec Wearable, des FashionTech Days consacrés à la mode du futur. A cette occasion, 4 prix thématiques et 1 Grand Prix seront remis lors des Wearable Awards.


UNDER ARMOUR WAS founded on a simple idea: Make athletes better. To do that, it’s turning human performance into a big data problem. The company is betting on the notion that the right hardware, the biggest dataset, a lot of machine learning, and powerful motivational tools can make everyone better, faster, and stronger. It’s betting that technology doesn’t exist solely to make us lazy, to bring everything to our door with the push of a button.