In the past year, there’s been a flurry of experimentation with “buy buttons,” a way for social-media sites to allow users to purchase cocktail dresses, throw blankets, candle-making kits and sundry other items from retailers without leaving the social network. Pinterest launched “buyable pins” in June, the same month Instagram released its similar “shop now” feature. Those offerings joined ongoing tests by Facebook and Twitter for similar ­functionality.

The Washington Post

Here’s a funny reality. Despite the steady rise of e-commerce since the 1990s, we still stroll through malls and shops. Even with one-click ordering and overnight delivery, we purchase many of our day-to-day products and services locally and offline.


Avec 16 millions de clients actifs et une gamme de plus 1500 marques, Zalando affiche des ambitions fortes : faire évoluer son concept de boutique en ligne vers une plateforme de ventes pour les marques. 


Alors que s'observe un ralentissement du marché du luxe à l'échelle mondiale, les griffes espèrent que le digital leur offrira de nouveaux relais de croissance. Toutes ont désormais pris le virage numérique et s'efforcent de trouver le bon modèle.

Les Echos

Avec son viewer d'images en haute définition pour le web, la start-up romande Prodibi a convaincu le jury d’un concours international pour l'innovation destinée au secteur de la mode.

ICT journal

Almost a year ago, Healey Cypher was proudly showing FORBES around eBay’s retail innovation lab, a secretive arm of the e-commerce giant that he had built from scratch to develop technology for brick-and-mortar stores. Having cobbled together funds and uncovered a forgotten office space a few miles from the company’s San Jose headquarters, the 31-year-old earned a shiny new title for himself–”head of retail innovation”–and a team of 17 employees to tinker on ideas like connected dressing rooms and touchscreen shopping mall displays.


Traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores have many disadvantages when competing against online counterparts. Online stores are always open and are available anywhere, have “endless aisles” and can use digital tools to personalize offers to customer preferences. 

Harvard Business Review

Fashion and luxury goods companies are hiring chief digital officers in a bid to integrate digital thinking into core business strategy.

Business of Fashion

Fuchsia, bleu Klein, jaune poussin ou encore vert canard… Le groupe Eram serait en train de travailler, pour sa marque éponyme, sur une chaussure dite connectée, c’est-à-dire capable de changer de couleur à l’infini, en quelques clics.

Fashion Mag

Online shoppers looking to spice up their wardrobe on a more regular basis can now download a new app from Le Tote, a “Netflix-for-clothing” type of service backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures and others, which launched to the public this week. From the app, you’ll be able to access Le Tote’s online catalog of over 150,000 pieces of clothing and accessories, check trends, and more, as well as confirm their next shipment of the clothing they’re renting from the service.

Tech Crunch

Dix ans après le lancement de son site marchand et près de six mois après celui du « click & collect », Sephora poursuit son incursion dans l’ère du 3.0 en inaugurant ce mercredi 21 octobre, au 66 rue de Rivoli à Paris, son premier magasin connecté. Baptisé Sephora Flash, ce nouveau concept retail surprend d’abord par sa surface, 130 m² contre les 400 m² en moyenne pour les 360 boutiques hexagonales de l’enseigne, à l’exception du flagship des Champs-Elysées et de ses 1 500 m².

Fashion Mag

With its clunky headsets and project names like Oculus and Morpheus, virtual reality has so far been the realm of hard-core gamers and other early adopters of cutting-edge tech.