L’impression 3D ne cesse de repousser les limites du possible. Cela peut paraître invraisemblable, mais cette voiture de course a été conçue avec des pièces aérodynamiques fabriquées avec une imprimante 3D. Et ce n’est pas une maquette, ce véhicule peut rouler jusqu‘à 320 km/h.


Apple Inc. hired renowned industrial designer Marc Newson to work on future products, adding a close friend and collaborator of the iPhone maker’s head of design, Jony Ive.


ONCE UPON A TIME, back in the days of Norman Rockwell certainty, the last long weekend of summer meant predictable things: the United States Open, back to school, back to work, the dawn of cooler weather. And all of those clichés were clichés because they were true...


Craig Redman and Karl Maier, university friends turned creative collaborators whose clients include LVMH and Nike, have built a transatlantic partnership rooted in a shared affinity for bold graphics and Internet culture.


Silicon Valley may be the historical mecca of the tech startup, but when it comes to the world of fashion technology, London has positioned itself to be the center of everything digital fashion. It's brimming with fashion-conscious technologists, creatives and entrepreneurs alike and it's a one-stop shop for inspiring style, hiring talent and closing deals.


Now established as a successful example of technology that has changed the way people interact with the world, the smartphone continues to push the boundaries of personal connectivity by fast becoming a hub for an array of rapidly evolving and equally intelligent "adjacent" devices with specific, enhanced utilities.