The fashion system is 'broken' but young designer disruptors and bold megabrands are trying to fix it. BoF hails a new era for fashion in which the current system is turned on its head in a bid to find a new working model.


The designer will present his Autumn/Winter 2016 menswear and womenswear collections in September just as they hit stores.


In a radical rethink of the fashion calendar, Burberry will combine its men’s and women’s shows together in two annual runway events, with ‘seasonless’ collections available to buy immediately after the shows. In an exclusive, in-depth conversation, Christopher Bailey explains the logic behind this game-changing move.


Amazon leads the way into the real world as online real estate – once heralded as the next frontier for retail – becomes crowded and expensive


80 milliards de vêtements sont fabriqués chaque année dans le monde. Une quantité astronomique pour un objet qui finit le plus souvent au fond d'un placard, ou pire, d'une poubelle. Acheter, porter, jeter : cette logique consumériste est de plus en plus remise en cause car elle épuise les ressources de la planète et dégrade l'environnement. A la place, pourquoi ne pas plutôt réparer, transformer, recycler ? La mode commence à s’emparer de ces principes de l’économie circulaire avec de grandes enseignes de la fast fashion, comme H&M ou Zara, qui s’engagent dans cette voie. Paradoxe ou véritable levier de transformation ?


From Glossier’s products made for its community to Patagonia releasing the formula for its Yulex wetsuit, businesses are collaborating to boost their presence


Certaines marques font le pari de la vente directe au consommateur, en ligne, sans passer par les boutiques traditionnelles. Résultat : des vêtements et accessoires moitié moins chers.


In an attempt to appeal to design-conscious consumers, major athletic shoe brands like Nike and Adidas have been investing heavily in 3-D printing. Now, New Balance is aiming to beat both Nike and Adidas to the finish line.


A battle is raging between technology giants and retailers over who has the most compelling relationship with the customer. The prize will be billions of pounds worth of sales as online retailers, traditional store groups and, increasingly, social media networks fight for a slice of consumers’ spending.


Fashion and luxury goods companies are hiring chief digital officers in a bid to integrate digital thinking into core business strategy.


Can the problem of tech gobbling up too much of your attention be fixed by buying more technology? Vinaya, a U.K. startup which started out back in mid 2013 — and is now announcing its first full product launch, fleshing out its business philosophy and detailing $3 million in seed funding — reckons so.


Tamsin Blanchard meets the young designers using 3D technology and social media to breathe new life into knitwear