New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is an exclusive event, holding its own among the ranks of elite, global fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and London. The "who's who" and upper crust jet to these events, where what you wear is just as important as what the models wear. It is a chance to see and be seen, and your very presence marks your status in the fashion community. To say the least, it is not meant for the trendy, working mother-of-two from suburbia. But that's all changing.


Fashion-hungry consumers drive fast fashion as they shop the runway online
London Fashion Week swung into its fourth day Monday, which saw Topshop Unique debuting a new “runway to retail” model for fashion-hungry consumers, while luxury goods brand Mulberry showed off a collection rich in feminine ruffles and school uniform-inspired stripes.


Where luxury fashion houses were once built around exclusivity, digital and social media is forcing high-end brands from Burberry to Tommy Hilfiger to open up.


In advance of Burberry’s first ‘see now, buy now’ show, BoF breaks down the brand’s new operating model.


An advert on Amazon reveals that the web giant is working on a new e-store. After jeans and designer jewellery, the online retailer is approaching manufacturers of hand-crafted products.


Getting consumers to buy luxury products on is just one small piece of a much wider strategy to disrupt the fashion industry like never before.


Dans un contexte de marché hyperconcurrentiel, se démarquer est devenu indispensable pour les marques. D’une expérience en boutique aboutie à une belle notoriété en ligne, les défis à relever pour séduire les consommateurs sont nombreux. Forte de ce constat, Crown Heights, une entreprise française spécialisée dans l’affichage dynamique, lance MySelfie, une borne tactile connectée ayant vocation à dynamiser les points de vente et à booster la visibilité sur les réseaux sociaux.


When we seek to bestow the highest praise on a new business venture, particularly a new tech business, we call it disruptive, meekly accepting the misery, havoc and sheer unmannerliness the word implies. That’s the price of progress, we say, unless we’ve just been disrupted, in which case we say something else.


Style blogger-turned-lifestyle guru Chiara Ferragni is relaunching her website to reflect the multi-pronged, multi-million dollar business she has developed over the past seven years.


“We can wait in the jungle” isn’t something you hear much in Berlin – much less in the office of a fast-growing multinational. But a jungle (perhaps better described as a bush, with apologies to jungles everywhere) is far from the most radical thing at the headquarters of Zalando Tech, the e-commerce giant’s rapidly-expanding technical arm, which sits at the corner of the city’s Alexanderplatz, in a building formerly the home of East Germany’s propaganda machine.


While high fashion debates the merits of ‘see now, buy now,’ streetwear brands like Supreme ‘drop’ product on a weekly schedule that’s more like a feed than a traditional fashion cycle.


The beginnings of a fundamental transformation in the way we create, communicate and consume fashion are already taking shape.