Option Innovation du MIM

The seminar ESCP Europe–Ecole Polytechnique was held at Lectra January -March 2015 with presentations given by several managers (Laurent Alt, Laurence Jacquot, Philippe Ribera, Maximilien Abadie).

Presentation by Maximilien Abadie en 2015 et 2016 during Céline’s course


Fashion and Technology Class

Presentation by Laura Mylius in 2015 and Françoise Replumaz in 2016.



Presentation by Laurence Jacquot in Septembre 2015 and with Daniel Harari in 2016 during Valérie’s class


2014 / 2015 - Elective Fashion & Technology (15 hours) / Master in Management

Teacher: Valérie Moatti & Céline Abecassis-Moedas

Learning objectives: the course aims at understanding the challenges and opportunities that technology brings in the fashion industry at the level of creation, consumption, production, supply chain management, retail, location and overall strategies.


The course is strongly linked with the Chair ESCP Europe Lectra 'Fashion and Technology' that aims at exploring the relationship between Fashion and Technology at the following levels: Digital creation, Supply Chain Management, the role of Technology in new business models in Fashion and Luxury, Digital and distribution strategies.


September 3rd, 2014 – Open seminar  / class of  2014 – Master in Management

Guest speaker: Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO

Daniel Harari related in front of students his own story, both professionally and personally and how Lectra became the world leader in integrated technology solutions