Robotics can help fashion companies drive business efficiencies in their factories, warehouses and stores.


With first access to Kering’s 2016 sustainability report, BoF speaks to chief sustainability officer Marie-Claire Daveu to unpick the data and what it reveals about luxury supply chains.


Some of the world's most popular clothing brands, including Forever 21 and Michael Kors, have been slammed by a new report for not being upfront with customers about their supply chains.
And high-end, expensive clothing companies including Prada, Fendi and Hermes are among the worst offenders, with Chanel coming in dead last, according to the report that ranks clothing brands on transparency.


When Europe's top online-only fashion retailer Zalando decided to overhaul its app to exploit mobile sales, it reaped the benefits of a new management philosophy that gives tech staff much more autonomy.


After a long and strong wave of offshoring in the fashion industry in low cost countries such as China, limits to that model have emerged: hidden costs in logistics, in quality and in coordination; counterfeiting; a negative impact on the environment; poor working conditions; and an inability to address the acceleration of fashion trend changes. A study by the Boston Consulting Group predicts a wave of backshoring to the United States following a reduction in the gap between manufacturing costs in China and in the United States.


The “Fashion and Technology” Chair aims at analysing and promoting, throughout ESCP Europe students and alumni but also a wide community interested in these issues, the role of the technology as a catalyst of innovation for the Fashion and Luxury sectors. At the crossroads of fashion and technology, the Chair’s aim is to develop and convey knowledge on innovation within the fashion and luxury sectors, thanks to cutting-edge technologies.


Talking fashion technology has become a largely consumer oriented dialogue. Wearables, customer experience, personalization, are all buzzwords that come up across topics and up and down market. Fashion and Tech (from both sides) are wrapped up in being of-the-moment, which takes away from the efforts put towards long-term change and realignment. So many of the more deep-rooted operational issues remain covered and unchanged while we endlessly discuss the newest round of wearable devices that will be abandoned in turn...


Le leader français de la vente événementielle lance à Beaune un nouvel espace logistique de 10 000 mètres carrés. Un septième entrepôt français qui rassemblera en Bourgogne les activités vins et gastronomie de l’entreprise. 


In the next six to eight months, online fashion store Myntra is likely to roll out a slew of offerings around 3D technology, augmented reality and virtual reality to enhance user experience as well as revamp its supply chain.


Amazon is rolling out its "Prime Now" service to Baltimore and Miami, offering customers one-hour delivery on thousands of daily essentials through a mobile app.


Apple has asked its suppliers in Asia to make a combined five to six million units of its three Apple Watch models during the first quarter ahead of the product’s release in April, according to people familiar with the matter.


Le leader de la vente événementielle annonce une campagne de recrutement afin de pourvoir 210 postes de commerciaux dans toutes les régions françaises. L’objectif est le développement de l’offre Le Pass.